IFB Washing Machine Service in Madurai

We at RBC Electricals has doing IFB Washing Machine Service in Madurai. Here we will see what type of damages are happening, and how we repaired the washing machine.

Our Service Executives are well trained to do the service of IFB Washing Machine.

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IFB Washing Machine Service Body rust cleaning and repainting

We are doing an excellent service of body rust cleaning and repainting

How the rust stored in washing machine body?

Water is the main reason for rust in the washing machine body. Some of us keep the washing machine outside the home like a balcony and near the bathroom. In this case, water drops the rust creators. Our Service experts will clear the rust and will do the repainting of the body at affordable cost

Before Service

After Service

In some cases the body requires full repainting, if unable to clean the rust

Body Painting

After Body Painting

Drum Service and salt dust removal

Using salt water is one of the reasons for salt storage in drums it is the cause for drum arm cuts. It is stopping the drum rotation. We repair the drum and solve the problem in Washing Machine.

Other general problems in IFB Washing Machine

  • PCB Panel Board
  • Water Inlet
  • Pressure sensor
  • Water Outlet
  • Door Lock Sensor
  • Vibration and shock absorber

All spares are readily available with us to repair the washing machine. We are repairing both the top load washing machine and front load washing machine service in Madurai. Small issues are immediately repaired at the customer place

We are using transport service from RBC Travels if the unit service has to do at our office. RBC Electricals is the best IFB Washing Machine Service in Madurai.

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